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What to look for when choosing a therapist to help with anxiety?

Although some hypnotherapists attempt to manage conditions like anxiety by using pre-recorded hypnosis scripts, a very brief consideration of how unique we all are and how different our life experiences have been, will reveal how limited (and limiting) this and other “one approach fits all” solutions will be.

The goal in a hypnotherapy treatment session is to create a sustainable and effective strategy that helps you control (and not be overwhelmed by) your stress and anxiety. The good news is that this can be achieved quite quickly. However, only an experienced and highly trained hypnotherapist will achieve lasting results.

To obtain successful, sustainable results from hypnotherapy requires many years of experience and training. The practitioner needs:

– to create the right environment for customers to feel safe
– a deep understanding and appreciation of the complexity of the human mind
– the knowledge and tools required to address the human mind at a number of different levels
– a highly developed ability to consider and interpret the individual’s way of thinking

Experienced hypnotherapists recognise that no two people are the same. We each have unique natures, a unique upbringing and unique genetics and we all vary hugely in how we interpret experiences in life. This means that no two anxieties are the same and that to be effective a treatment session must be individually tailored to your needs. The practitioner should want to know what worries you, what you are afraid of and what makes you feel anxious.

Only by considering your individual way of thinking and your individual experience will your practitioner be able to provide you with a solution that will both help you in your immediate situation, and provide a lasting, sustainable outcome.

Choosing the right source of help is essential. There are many factors other than price that need to be considered, and indeed making a decision solely based on price can result in you wasting a lot of money and time.

At MH Hypnotherapy we can help you find the cause of your anxiety. We will also teach you strategies that you can use when you feel the panic setting in, so that you can stay in control. Our clients have found our methods simple, practical and highly effective.

The good news is that anxiety is manageable and the results can be fast. Here are some of the recent anxiety cases we have helped.

Anxiety can affect anyone, at any stage of life. Recent clients we have successfully helped range from a three year old (who was frightened of dogs), to university students and successful business professionals.

One young man we worked with was an outgoing, rugby-playing sportsman. He, like many of our clients, was coping extremely well with life when an additional, unexpected source of stress occurred and he very quickly became someone who found it nearly impossible to function in the world. In this particular case, the unexpected stress came when the young man was hit by an acute stomach bug. The illness had a profound effect on him, turning him into a nervous wreck.

When he came for a treatment session, escorted by a very concerned mother, he could not face any situation in the outside world and wanted to stay at home all the time. He sat forward in his chair with his legs shaking and his head hanging down, looking pale, gaunt and scared. His anxiety level was so high that he couldn’t even relax enough to listen to the practitioner.

Within a single hour session, the young man’s brain function, his colour and his smile had returned. In this case the practitioner knew that the young man would not be receptive to any other treatment than working with his breath. He worked with a powerful breathing exercise (called the 6-2-7 breath), which lowered the young man’s brain frequency so that he could be released from the emergency state of high anxiety that his body and mind were keeping him trapped in.

In another case a highly vivacious university student came to us when the combination of a vicious gastro bug and an unwell parent had created a huge amount of stress in her life. She went from being extremely bright and the life and soul of the party to being unable to function in the world. Each time she went out she was terrified of being sick and of looking like a fool. In this case the practitioner used a combination of Energetic NLP, NLP and Hypnotherapy to restore her health. Two sessions later and the young lady had successfully applied for a job in her field, following by visiting the cinema with her friends to celebrate.

If you suffer from anxiety, you may feel like no one understands what you are feeling. However, you are not on your own. Anxiety is the most common form of stress in the UK today. It affects at least 1 in 20 adults, and it can be successfully and relatively easily managed.

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