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Weight Management

A bad relationship with food can seriously affect a person’s emotional and physical well-being and your weight management.

This negative relationship can result in excessive weight gain or excessive weight loss. Neither is good for your health, but you can learn to have a good relationship with food and improve your quality of life through appropriate weight management.


The reasons people have weight management problems

The reasons vary regarding why people have problems with eating. They might have learned their eating habits as children from their family. Many parents pass problem-eating behaviours to their children. When bad eating habits happen in childhood, it’s difficult to learn new ways to eat. Other people might overeat or under eat because of emotional issues.


Why overeating is bad

Everyone overeats from time to time. Maybe you’re at a nice restaurant celebrating a birthday or you loaded up on food during a holiday celebration. That’s one thing, and you might feel a little full and then vow to exercise the next day, but compulsively overeating and using food as a way to deal with negative emotions are another. Compulsive over-eaters usually think about food all them time and then feel ashamed when they do eat. Of course, overeating leads to being overweight, which is unhealthy.

Why under eating is bad

Some people under eat temporarily to lose a little weight. But when under-eating becomes a way of life, you are in trouble. Besides not getting the nutrition you need to stay healthy, under eating can cause depression. People who under eat also become obsessed with food and often become rigid in their eating (or lack of) and obsess over their exercise routines. People who under eat can experience feelings of withdrawal, loss of sexual feelings and a false body image, thinking they are fat.

You can get over a weight management problem by seeking help

It’s difficult to get over an eating problem on your own. But, with the help of a trained therapist, you can. Usually eating problems are fuelled by emotional and psychological triggers, which a trained therapist can uncover. Whether your problem is overeating or under eating, a trained therapist can help you address the forces that contribute to your problem with food.

How we can help

Weight problems require extensive work and coaching. Using a blend of techniques, we at MH-Hypnotherapy can equip clients with the tools and strategies required to change their habits and provide them with the ability to control their weight.

How many sessions does this take?

Clients have reported that their eating disorders have improved in around eight sessions. But, depending on the complexity of the weight management issue, it could take more sessions than that. In general, a large improvement takes between eight and 12 sessions. We at MH-Hypnotherapy always support our clients every step of the journey and will discuss your situation at the initial free consultation.

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