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Relationship Problems

Relationships between couples are complex.

Being in a relationship can bring huge joy and fulfillment as well as great suffering and distress. We at MH-Hypnotherapy help people who are having relationship problems, the most common of which are the following: a marriage at the breaking point, an affair, a broken heart, unhappiness in the relationship, constant arguing or bickering and loss of passion.


Help Solve a Marriage at the Breaking Point

Once you’ve identified the problem with your relationship, you’re on the road to fixing it. When a marriage or relationship is at the breaking point, there is usually a lack of healthy communication. Some couples can get their point across to each other and be heard, but others need help learning how to do that. A trained therapist can work with couples to teach them how to communicate well.


Can a Marriage Be Saved After an Affair?

Your marriage can survive, even after an affair, but both partners need to be able to commit to saving the relationship. An affair damages a marriage; trust has been broken. If you will blame your partner for the affair for the rest of your marriage, then the marriage probably won’t last. But if you can do the healing work required, your marriage can survive. A trained therapist can help you discover the reason the affair happened and can help guide you and your partner in being patient during the forgiveness process.

Unhappiness and Arguing in the Relationship

If you’re feeling generally unhappy in your relationship or find that you often argue, you might just need help breaking out of the routine you’re in. No couples will be constantly happy in the relationship or agree on everything all the time, but arguments and unhappiness shouldn’t define the relationship. A trained therapist can show you how to be happy again and can teach you some constructive instead of destructive ways to argue.

Fixing a Lack of Passion

Passion and sex are important components of any marriage or committed relationship, but sometimes the passion and the sex fade or leave the relationship entirely. When you give up sex because you’re having troubles in the relationship, the troubles become even worse. Sex releases hormones that make couples feel good about each other. You can try to resolve sexual issues on your own, or a qualified therapist can help bring this important component back to your relationship.

How We Can Help Your Relationship

We at MH-Hypnotherapy use a range of techniques that are proven to be highly effective in helping clients with their relationship issues. These include relationship coaching, hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). We enable our clients to manage anger, sadness, fear and guilt quickly and effectively, which improves their basic relationship communication. This helps mend issues in their current relationships and allows them to move onto a new level of relationship, free from the painful baggage, reactivity or resentment.

How Many Sessions Does This Take?

We can help people grieving the loss of a relationship or broken heart feel considerably better after one to five sessions. However, resolving existing relationship issues takes longer and might require individual sessions as well as couples sessions. Everything is tailored to the clients’ needs, which will be discussed at the initial free consultation.

To find out how we can help, please book in for a free initial chat.

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