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Exhaustion and Burnout

Exhaustion and Burnout

Exhaustion and Burnout can occur when you’ve been engaging in demanding activities for long periods without getting the proper breaks or balance in your life.

You can become exhausted and consequently burned out from working long hours at a challenging job, raising children or getting through school. When you become burned out, you then feel physically and emotionally exhausted. You simply cannot function at the same level any more.


Burnout is Insidious

You don’t become burned out overnight. What happens is more like the proverbial frog that’s put in boiling water. The frog will likely jump out of the hot water to save its life, but that same frog doesn’t realise what’s happening when put in cool water that slowly reaches the boiling point. Burnout happens the same way. You can’t function when in full-stage burnout, but because it comes on slowly, you might not recognise the danger signs.


Symptoms of burnout

You can recognise when you’re on the road to burnout. You might suffer from a general lack of energy or experience insomnia, forgetfulness, chest pain, stomach ailments or headaches. You might get sick more often with colds or the flu, lose your appetite and experience worry, sadness and anger.

Burnout leads to exhaustion and can be overwhelming

When you allow the build up to burnout to go on too long, you’ll feel exhausted emotionally, mentally and physically. You’ll start to feel as if you have nothing left to give. The smallest things overwhelm you, and you’ll find it difficult to face daily life. When burnout reaches extreme levels, you could feel as if you’ll never be able to function normally again. You might also wonder what is the point of doing anything anymore.

You can do something to prevent burnout from reaching dangerous Levels

Burnout can cause you to lose your job and can destroy important relationships you have. But you can do something to prevent those things from happening. Experiencing burnout symptoms should serve as an alert that you need to do something to change what’s going on jump out of the water, so to speak, before it becomes too late. You can learn to recognise when you’re headed towards burnout before tragedy strikes.

How we can help

We at MH-Hypnotherapy teach our clients a way of thinking that enables them to feel more in control of their thoughts and feelings. That, in turn, leaves them feeling more energised, positive and able to cope with the stresses that change can bring. These tools and techniques are long lasting because we teach our clients how to cope with their issues independently using hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), homeopathy, Energetic NLP and Matrix Energetics.

How many sessions does this take?

At Marlborough House in the heart of Taunton in Somerset, we treat all our clients on an individual basis, particularly when the distress is longstanding and impacts the ability to cope with everyday life. During the initial free consultation, we discuss the problem in more detail. This enables us to assess how severe the problem is and to determine the number of sessions required.

To find out how we can help, please book in for a free initial chat.

For appointments in Taunton, Marlborough House Therapy Centre call 01823 272227

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