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Coping With Change

If there’s one thing you can be certain about in life, it’s that you will experience change. Everyone deals with change, be it big or small, at some point. Change is a normal part of life. Yet, change can leave you feeling completely overwhelmed and can create a sense of anxiety, distress and panic.


Both Positive and Negative Change Can Be Stressful

One measure of mental health is how well we deal with change. Any time a change occurs, we could be facing a stressful situation, particularly if the change involves something negative such as divorce, job loss, relationship loss, illness or bereavement. Positive changes, however, could also be stressful or overwhelming because of the unknown, such as moving, taking a new job, getting married or having a child.


You Can Make a Situation Better or Worse

Whether you can deal effectively with the changes in your life depends greatly on how you think about and react to the change. Just by your thought process, you can often make the situation better or worse. For example, let’s say you’re moving to an unfamiliar place. You can think that you’ll never like the new place as much as you like where you are now, or you can look at the move as an adventure with many interesting discoveries and new friendships awaiting you. Just by changing your thought process, you open the doors to a more rewarding and positive experience.

Warning Signs You Aren’t Coping Well with Change

If you are going through a change in your life right now that you are not coping well with, we can help you. Some warning signs indicating that you could probably benefit from our help include feelings of depression, anxiety, restlessness or irritability. Other signs include having difficulty concentrating, acting out by drinking or eating too much, and becoming sick frequently with headaches, insomnia or nausea.

Everyone Can Benefit from Seeing a Trained Professional

If you are displaying signs that indicate you are not coping well with a change, you might have a condition called situational depression. This condition is very common to have when faced with change in your life. Anyone can have difficulty coping with change, no matter his or her age, lifestyle, gender or race, and everyone can benefit by seeing a trained professional whose job it is to help you function better.

How We Can Help

We at MH-Hypnotherapy teach our clients a way of thinking that enables them to feel more in control of their thoughts and feelings. That, in turn, leaves them feeling more energised, positive and able to cope with the stresses that change can bring. These tools and techniques are long lasting because we teach our clients how to cope with their issues independently using hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), homeopathy, Energetic NLP and Matrix Energetics.

How Many Sessions Does This Take?

We treat all our clients on an individual basis, particularly when the distress is longstanding and impacts the ability to cope with everyday life. During the initial free consultation, we discuss the problem in more detail. This enables us to assess how severe the problem is and to determine the number of sessions required.

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