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Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)

The Hogan Personality Inventory is a contemporary measure of normal personality to predict job performance and was one of the first personality questionnaires developed specifically for business and commercial application. The HPI is used extensively world-wide by leading organisations and consultancies for selection, development and integration into corporate talent and people management initiatives and strategy.

The HPI effectively measures the big 5 personality characteristics that are generally accepted by psychologists globally as distinct personality factors. Hogan extensive and unique database archive of job validation studies offers a rich source of information that can be called upon to identify what good looks like for a wide range of job roles and functions. With multiple language options for both on-line administration and reporting, the HPI is a nuatural choice for international application.hogan_hpi

The Hogan Personality Inventory is one of four instrumtents in the product suite from Hogan Assessments. When used together they generate incremental validity for selection and powerful development insight, understanding and opportunity for personal development.

Features & Benefits
  • 15 -20 minute completion time
  • Test items and reports available in
    multiple languages
  • Based on the Five-Factor Model
  • Normed on more than 500,000
    working adults worldwide
  • Validated on more than 200 occupations
    covering all major industries
  • No invasive or intrusive items
  • No adverse impact
  • Primary/Elementary education reading level
  • Instantaneous scoring and reporting output
  • Online administration by protected access
Primary Scales
Adjustment Self confidence, self-esteem
and composure under pressure
Ambition Initiative, competitiveness
and desire for leadership
Sociability Extraversion, gregariousness
and social interaction
Warmth, charm and
relationship management
Prudence Planned, organised, self
disciplines and conscientious
Inquisitive Vision, creativity, imagination
and curiosity
Learning enjoyment, stays current
with business or technical matters
Occupational Scales
being attentive, pleasant, and
courteous to customers
being able to handle stress,
even tempered, calm under fire
Reliability honesty, integrity, and positive
organisational citizenship
ability to follow directions,
pay attention to detail, and
communicate clearly
energy, social skills, and the ability
to solve problems for customers
leadership ability, planing and
decision-making skills


Reporting Options
  • There is a range of off-the-shelf report that support talent selection as well as talent development and specifically leadership. Examples can be viewed and downloaded below, and reports can also be customised to align to an organisation competency model.
Hogan SELECT reports
  • pdf-iconFit Report
    This report is designed to assess a candidate fit to a job profile. Prior validation is required.
  • pdf-iconAdvantage Report
    This report is designed to assess a candidate fit to one of seven Hogan job family profiles that correlate with the O*NET job classifications. The profiles are derived from the Hogan validation archive and offer cost effective validity.
  • pdf-iconHigh Potential Report
    This report summarises the candidate assessment results from the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), Hogan Development Survey (HDS), and Motives, Values Preferences Survey (MVPI) mapped to the Hogan High Potential Competency Profile. The ratings provide a hiring manager with additional information about a candidate potential to meet the requirements associated with competencies in the profile. An interview guide offers questions that can be used to further probe competency behaviours.
Hogan DEVELOP reports
  • pdf-iconCareer
    This report describes how the participant is likely to act in various circumstances, it notes strengths and shortcomings and it makes some suggestions about how to manage ones career. The last page contains the HPI graph on which the report is based, and definitions for the seven dimensions.
  • pdf-iconInterpret
    This report provides an explanation of the various scales, provides a graphic representation of the results and interprets potential behaviour that others may observe in the workplace.
Hogan LEAD reports
  • pdf-iconPotential
    The Leadership Forecast Potential Report describes a participant strengths and developmental needs as a manager and executive. The report is organised in terms of the seven HPI dimensions. Each one addresses a different component of leadership performance, focusing on building and maintaining a high-performing team, while getting people to forego individual goals to take on group goals.
  • pdf-iconCoaching
    The Leadership Forecast Coaching Report is available if a participant completes the MVPI, HPI and HDS instruments. The coaching report summarises key findings across all three instruments and helps draw together leadership insights from all sources in alignment to a job role.

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