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Matrix Therapies

What is Matrix Energetics?
Matrix Energetics is a revolutionary system of healing and transformation. A technique like acupuncture can access various levels of the energetic system of a human being, however Matrix Energetics can provide a whole new window through which to view the human power and possibilities.

Supporters of Matrix Energetics:
The development of Matrix Energetics is supported by Dr. William Tiller (Professor Emeritus of Physics at Stanford University). Dr. Tiller is one of a handful of physicists who actively studies the effects of consciousness on quantum physics. In his foreword to Dr. Bartlett book Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation he wrote:

What appears to be pure magic in Dr. Bartletthealing treatments is, in fact, a rational manipulation of energies and information in a lawful fashion based upon his theoretical construct of reality, which is appreciably outside the box of our present paradigm.

Translated into non-professorial terms, what he means is that the amazing results achieved using Matrix Energetics make perfect sense. They fit into the model put forward by quantum physics, the fact that Dr. Bartlett can achieve these results means he is ahead of his time in grasping what these new ways of thinking can be used to achieve.

How does Matrix Energetics work?
Based on the laws of energy physics, consciousness and focused intent, Matrix Energetics can be used to heal, transform and create new possibilities.

Albert Einstein insights into the energetic nature of matter concluded that human beings are made up of light and information. This means that we can communicate at the quantum level with the wave fronts (energy and information) that create all of reality. The process is very natural and happens to us all spontaneously. The value of Matrix Energetics is that it gives us the tools we need to consciously participate in this field of awareness. We can then remember how to access the information we need, in order to create different outcomes and possibilities in our lives.

Using our conscious awareness we can focus our thoughts on the outcomes we wish to achieve. Our awareness is connected to the vast field of unformed possibility that we live in, and within this field the outcomes we wish to create already exist energetically. The transformation comes from connecting to the wave front containing this energy, letting go and allowing the change to happen.

The results can be instantaneous and as Dr. Bartlett says, Quantum physics actually predicts miracles. Matrix Energetics is about opening our minds to these miracles and to all the possibilities that exist for us in the unified field.

What can Matrix Energetics help?
Dr. Richard Bartlett views Matrix Energetics as a rapidly evolving field and an important life skill that be used in any area of human endeavour, he calls it consciousness technology.

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