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Losing Weight & Hypnotherapy

How Can Hypnotherapy Help you Lose Weight Healthily and Responsibly?
Weight is a touchy subject for many, if not all, of us. The likelihood is that at some point in our lives we have, or will, catch sight of ourselves in a mirror and not be completely happy with what we see there. For some, weight issues can be a constant daily battle.

Many of us fall into the trap of miracle diets and quick fixes that may work in the short term but the results are not sustainable. Losing weight can be a great feeling but it feels terrible to regain weight after a loss. Unfortunately that happens all too often with such diets.

Your Relationship with Food

To lose weight and maintain that loss you need to focus on more than just what food you eat and how much exercise you do. The most important thing to address is your relationship with food. Having a poor relationship with food can make all the difference to your weight loss attempts. If you are not sure what constitutes a poor relationship, have a think about your own eating habits. Do you have a tendency to binge eat? Do you eat when you are not hungry? Do you eat to comfort yourself when you are stressed? Are you a fan of fad diets? Any one of these is an example of a negative relationship with food.

Rather than thinking only about what you are eating and how much exercise you do, we will help you form a positive relationship with food using hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy does not focus on what you eat or even how often you eat. Hypnotherapy focuses on how you feel about what you eat. It is by addressing this emotional link to food that you can gain control of your eating and make sustainable changes to your life.

Body Confidence and Keeping the Weight Off

Using hypnotherapy as an aid to weight loss can help you feel confident about your body, change any negative thoughts about food and eating and help you manage your weight in a way that benefits your emotional well being.

Not sure whether hypnotherapy could benefit you? Why not book in for a free initial consultation with Nabeeh Marar to find out how we can help. We also offer other treatments that can be used as aids to weight loss.

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