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How to recognise the physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety

The symptoms of anxiety vary widely from person to person and can be mild or severe. They can be split into physical symptoms and emotional symptoms; however if anxiety begins to control your life it may be time to ask for help.

Many people can struggle for a long time with anxiety and its symptoms. We can help you to learn how to manage the situations that trigger your anxiety.

Physical symptoms of anxiety:

Dizziness and fainting
Panic attacks
Dry mouth
Increased breathing rate
Disturbed sleep
High blood pressure
Numbness and tingling in fingers, lips and toes
Tiredness and fatigue
Nausea and diarrhea

Emotional symptoms of anxiety:

Viewing the future as pointless, threatening and hopeless
Inability to concentrate
Inability to be motivated
Irritability and mood swings
Consistently worried
Feelings of depression, loneliness and helplessness

With many of these symptoms you can be perceived as being unwell, but long-term stress can undermine your health. The problem is that very few people have been taught how to manage stress and trauma. These states must be managed effectively in order to prevent the symptoms from becoming worse and to prevent you from becoming trapped in a vicious cycle of worrying that is hard to break.

What triggers anxiety?

Anxiety can be triggered by a range of events:

Shock, trauma
Lifestyle, too much caffeine, poor sleep and diet
Drugs the use or abuse of legal or illegal drugs
Lack of oxygen such as high altitudes
Feelings of guilt, shame, conflict or sorrow

Each of these triggers can result in a buildup of stress hormones and poor breathing patterns. Anxiety is a complex condition. It is also a VERY manageable one, once you are prepared to get the right help.

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