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Homeopathy is based on the principle that like cures like.

If you are feeling unwell or unhappy, Homeopathy recognises that the symptoms may be evidence of disharmony within the body.

Homeopathy uses minute quantities of natural substances, the remedies are non-toxic and they do not cause side effects. The aim is simply to stimulate the body own healing responses.homeopathy1

Homeopathy can safely be used in combination with conventional medicine. If you have any concerns do check with your GP. Papers in the Lancet and the British Medical Journal have confirmed homeopathy  effectiveness as well as a recent study by the Swiss government who continue to value the use of homeopathy as a treatment.

During the consultation you will be asked a variety of questions about your lifestyle, diet, likes, dislikes and medical history to guide us towards a final diagnosis. The session will last from 20 minutes to an hour.

According to Dr. D. Shepard, Homeopathy treats the person not the disease. We always recommend that clients keep their GP informed about any health issues and symptoms they may have.

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*Please note results may vary from person to person
**Please note we do not claim to be able to cure Herpes of any variety.

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